International road haulage

International road carriage is a core segment of Sovtransavto business. Our experience and proficiency accumulated for the half of a century in combination with advanced transport technologies and solid assets enables Sovtransavto to generate universal and specific logistics solutions of supreme quality and comfort for the customers.

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International road haulage


  1. General cargo transportation (machinery, construction materials, electronics, FMCG, household chemicals, home appliances, furniture, etc.)
  2. Groupage and consolidated cargo distribution
    • Export groupage shipments from Russia
    • Import groupage from Europe to Russia
  3. Freigts requiring special conditions:​
  • perishable goods and goods under temperature control (refrigerated cargo, confectionery, soft drinks, etc.)
  • hazardous cargo, ADR shipments
  • valuable freights subject to special security measures and specific insurance conditions
  • oversized and heavy loads transporting
  • delivery of float glass
  • hi-tech and sensitive cargo, requiring special fastening and stowage technologies, monitoring freight positioning en-route, etc.

Cost of cargo delivery

Country To Moscow From Moscow
Austria 2 500 € 3 200 €
Germany 6 200 € 2 600 €
Netherlands 6 600 € 3 300 €
Italy 8 100 € 5 000 €
Lithuania 4 300 € 2 000 €
Turkey 8 300 € 4 400 €
France 7 300 € 3 200 €

Features of the service

  1. The possibility of ordering the transportation of bulk cargo from anywhere in Europe. We also arrange the delivery of bulk cargoes from China, Southeast Asia and the USA through a network of European terminals
  2. Preparation of the combined cargo for delivery from Europe (additional cargo packaging, consolidation and de-consolidation, labeling, palletizing)
  3. Full registration of transport and commercial documents for combined transport from Europe (TIR carnet, CMR, EX1 export declarations, T1 transit declarations)
  4. If necessary and by prior agreement, we provide customers with services for customs clearance of bulk cargoes in Europe by EU-licensed companies of the SOVTRANSAVTO Group, or authorized partner companies
  5. Cargo insurance at the request of the customer using preferential corporate tariffs, simplified document management and a guarantee of quick refund
  6. Delivery of combined cargo to Russia in the shortest possible time on regular routes with fixed arrival dates and high departure frequency
  7. SOVTRANSAVTO warehouse services in Moscow for the processing and storage of bulk cargoes with the organization of distribution and delivery of small batches to recipients
  8. A full range of services for customs clearance of combined cargoes to the address of legal entities and individuals

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