About company

SOVTRANSAVTO Group has been working in the field of transport and logistics for more than half a century, since 1968, uniting the countries of the European part of the continent into a single freight transportation network. Taking care of transport, customs, warehousing and other logistic needs of our customers we always render a reliable business support and partnership approach.

SOVTRANSAVTO group includes the companies licensed for customs brokerage and customs carriage as well as the owners of bonded warehouses.

Along with the development of traditional activities, we pay more and more attention to the promotion of complex services and services related to the outsourcing of business functions for the Clients.

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SOVTRANSAVTO considers corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be an important factor in business development and pursues an active policy of implementing projects in the field of improving working conditions, improving the environmental friendliness of transportation and developing the regions where the Company operates.
Социальная ответственность

Work in the company

As one of the largest transport companies in the field of freight forwarding and transportation by road, we always need specialists in the field of road transport and transport services.