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SOVTRANSAVTO cargo depot in Moscow provides a wide spectrum of services incl. leasing facilities for storage and business, dedicated warehouse services and complex fulfillment solutions. Using our labor and space the customers simply drive the costs down without bothering with own property and personnel administration. We offer customized managed warehousing and made to order solutions for your business.

SOVTRANSAVTO ensures the best terms and conditions for the storage and handling of your cargo

  • Any sort of mechanical cargo lifting and loading operations along with extra handling and added-value services:
  -  order pallet, case, each picking
  -  palletizing and depalletizing
  -  packaging and repackaging
  -  labeling, security and price tagging
  -  customized and vendor packing
  -  cross docking

  • Warehousing facilities and storage equipment  for different storage schemes:
  -  pallet storage rack systems
  -  mezzanine storage
  -  storage bins and crates
  -  inside floor storage areas
  -  open air oversized/bulk storage

  • Professional and experienced stuff of highly qualified employees
  • Efficient and flexible warehouse layout with the dedicated and random location possibilities
  • Special infrastructural solutions for the location of the customer’s own equipment and stuff at the warehouse
  • Facilities for intermediate and long term open air storage of oversized cargo and containers, heavy lift trucks and cranes for relocation and loading
  • WMS on the 1C 8.0 platform for effective Inventory management and control. EDI and file transfer capabilities to streamline information flow are available for the complex projects
  • Inventory tracking  configured in multiple ways, such as manufacturer bar codes, proprietary bar codes any other distinct identification system
  • Perimeter fence and exit/entry points monitoring, the interior video surveillance, 24 hour security staff internal and external building patrols, fire protection&security

SOVTRANSAVTO offer the best storage and handling rates achieving tangible cost savings for the clients. Storage fees are based exactly on the space volume the inventory occupies whatever small it could be. Upon request we immediately get back to you with detailed information and defined rates for our services.

SOVTRANSAVTO handles a diversified list of product:

  • Food stuffs and canned products
  • Spare parts and components
  • Building materials and hardware
  • Motor oils and chemicals
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Home appliances and electronics
  • Parquet and flooring

SOVTRANSAVTO advantages 

  •  Different storage possibilities for any type of products ranging from storage bins and boxes for small items to open air facilities for location of oversized cargo and containers
  •  Warehousing facilities of various layouts enables us to offer customized cost saving solutions meeting the targets of our clients
  •  Storage programs depending on the client’s specific needs with a dedicated space starting from 100 m2
  •  In addition to the contract of storage we may offer a lease of office space for employees & equipment
  •  Our transport for regional delivery and distribution from the warehouse with the priority to the matching the customer’s costs and service quality expectations
  •  Immediate relocation of customs cleared imports from SOVTRANSAVTO bonded warehouse for further storage and handling in ordinary way

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