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Oversized & Heavy and Project Cargo

SOVTRANSAVTO is active in national and internatioecial transport services which involve oversized and heavy cargo movements as well as door-to-door project logistics for non-standard equipment.

Heavy & over-dimensional loads are those that exceed the size or weight limits of motorways, the limits of the vehicles used for the transportation. To properly organize the delivery of your oversized cargo we select special heavy haul and flat bed equipment, make individual route planning and design specific stowage and fastening schemes. We have particular experience in trucking of manufacturing equipment, massive metal constructions, industrial containers and reservoirs for food and chemical substances, mills, turbines, wheeled and tracked construction and agricultural machinery.

Project cargoes transportation which incorporates many features of out of gauge cargo shipping is however more sophisticated in management and organization. Not only a proper routing and transport should be considered but also ground and infrastructural engineering, research work, design and production of specific packing, fastening and lashing equipment. SOVTRANSAVTO often extends project freights services through block customs clearance, warehousing and 3PL.  

SOVTRANSAVTO service package for oversized and project freights 

  • Fieldwork: our experts will visit  loading/transfer/unloading areas and sites for assessment and inspection
  • Design, assembling and set-up of necessary temporary constructions (moorings, expanded roadbeds, fortified bridge constructions etc.)
  • Temporary dismantling or relocating of infrastructural objects and other obstacles (lifting electric power lines and pipelines, dismantling of arches, entrance gates and portals etc.)
  • Obtain approvals and resolutions  from the authorized design and project institutions
  • Route planning and survey of the proposed route verifying that no obstructions exists that may create problems along the way
  • Specification and arrangement of the transshipment sites
  • Contracts of carriage with the owners of special equipment or shipping companies, drawing up a stowage plan or loading schemes
  • Production of the auxiliary equipment for loading and transportation (stands, lodgments, ramps)
  • Selection and order of handling equipment with a delivery to the designated site if necessary
  • Submitting an application to the authorized state bureau and obtaining oversize/overweight trucking permits and authorization for pilot car escort if required
  • Applicable cargo insurance and en-route security protection arrangements

SOVTRANSAVTO has a rich experience in transporting project and heavy & over-dimensional loads. To ensure a complete and professional inland and cross border service of out of gauge transportations we have establish a reliable partnership with heavy haul carriers, shipping and stevedoring companies in major European and Asian ports, leading financial and insurance institutions in Russia and EC.

SOVTRANSAVTO advantages 

  • Over a decade of extensive experience in management of oversized and heavy loads transportation
  • Accurate and thorough analysis and planning of the projects, expert processing of all shipping documentation, obtaining of transport permits
  • Professional choice of transport equipment and tools configuration based on the profound knowledge and expertise in the industry  
  • Great practice in handling administrative issues with the state road and transport inspections, road police officials, the utility services etc. 
  • Close attention to the transport security arrangements and precautions, risk management and careful considerations in route planning
  • Optimal terms and conditions for the insurance of non standard cargo with a guaranteed and swift reimbursement of losses
  • Competitive and transparent pricing, the costs saving options for our transport and logistic services
  • Responsible and dedicated approach on any stage of  your move from engineering, load planning, permits and logistics, to final delivery without any unexpected costs and budget overrun

SOVTRANSAVTO has registered many successfully implemented projects of oversized and heavy loads transportation, you may refer to some of them on the SOVTRANSAVTO gallery page.


For any inquiries about delivery arrangements, actual rates and tariffs you may address our experts and get exhaustive answers. Please call or e-mail us for free consulting.


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