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Outsourcing For Imports And 3PL Services

SOVTRANSAVTO offers an integral service for outsourcing of business operations in different fields for the cross-border traders and domestic business.

Our Business process outsourising concept firmly backed up by 3 Pl operator services allows the customers to create a supply chain and get products to the marketplace in a short time,  to save on overhead and labor costs for own logistics and stay focused on the  competences.

SOVTRANSAVTO has an established business registered for foreign trades which facilitates and manages cross border operations for our customers. Relying on our extensive experience and expertise you may entrust us with a complete cycle of importation/ exportation/  to Russia. You don’t need to have an accountant in your personnel who knows currency legislation, a procurement specialist, a logistician, customs applicants and other skilled specialists for performing export and import operations.

SOVTRANSAVTO can manage and maintain you foreign trade activity

  • Search for the foreign partners considering the expectations and targets of the client, communication with the counterparts, negotiations and contract drafting in Russian, English or German
  • Handling all transport and commercial documentation, verification for its compliance with the customs requirements
  • Obtaining and registration of the relevant statutory certification, permits and licenses for  goods imported to Russia
  • Cross border door-to-door delivery, export formalities and import customs clearance by the importer of records SOVTRANSAVTO
  • Release of the merchandise to the designated consignees with a complete set of commercial documents required for Russian buyer, full financial accountability for the principal and tax office, VAT reimbursemen
  • Optimal terms and conditions for cargo insurance, guaranteed and swift reimbursement of losses with a minimal paperwork
  • Assumed liability and strict adherence of the outsource provider  to the compliance with transport, customs and fiscal legislation

Outsourcing logistics services to a 3PL provider is an established practice among companies world wide. 3PL logistics is increasingly becoming an important issue for the on-line and brick-and-mortgage retailers, small and large.

With a great deal of experience and developed best practices in logistics which SOVTRANSAVTO relies upon we offer efficient and customized 3PL solutions for the retailers, e-commerce and start ups.

SOVTRANSAVTO assets - warehousing facilities, trucking fleet and IT resources - is a key advantage for the prompt set up and proper management of the sails channel from the manufacturers and distributors to the retail stores.

SOVTRANSAVTO 3PL outsourcing package for retail supply chains

  • Practical assistance and consulting how to approach the retailer and start cooperation
  • Communication with the retailer’s stores management to streamline the procedures of orders reservation, delivery schedules, inbound delivery checklists
  • Warehousing, picking and packing  of orders, customized and promotional packages, sorting, utilization of defective items, inventory management
  • Pallet and bulk distribution to the stores, logistics hubs and pick points. Flexible transport solutions from courier delivery to FTL
  • Proof of delivery, return of signed shipper’s copies of the documents, handling of the product and package returns

We pay attention to every specific requirement of the client’s business and elaborate made to order solutions enabling the customer to effectively control the operations and mitigate  all possible problems in the supply chain.


  •  50 years of impeccable reputation and sustainable respect from the customers and business environment
  •  Services based on the solid assets (warehouses network, modern trucking fleet ) and licensed competences (customs broker and carrier) allows flexible tariffs regulation and real quality management
  •  Open book pricing with a transparent costs breakdown, target costing possibilities to match our customers’ logistic budgeting
  •  ISO quality standards supported by corporate regulations, in-house KPI synchronized with the client’s, committed and professional stuff
  •  SOVTRANSAVTO group liability is insured by TT-Club (www.ttclub.com) - the leading provider of insurance to the international transport and logistics industry -  with the coverage of up to USD 1,500,000 per an event


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