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Multimodal Freight Services

Multimodal freight transport is defined as cargo delivery under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport. The multimodal transport operator enters into a contract with the client as a single carrier in his own name even though transportation is performed by several different carriers and is liable for the entire carriage subject to network system when standard terms and conditions for different modes of transport are applicable.

Segments of SOVTRANSAVTO multimodal schemes

  • Sea carriage of containers from China, Korea, India, Egypt and United States to the ports of Russia Federation, Baltic States and Finland
  • Transportation of containers by rail from China with on-carriage from the transshipment depots to the consignee
  • Road Delivery of containers by road from the sear ports in St.-Petersburg, Baltic States and Finland to the destinations across Russia

The long-term relations and direct contracts with the shipping lines and stevedoring operators in Russia and Europe give SOVTRANSAVTO the advantages of being the first forwarder and possibility to make competitive quotations for the shipping containers from China, Korea, India and other countries.

Sea freight rates for the overseas container shipping 

POL POD Rate (all in), USD Transit, days
40' 20'
Shanghai St-Petersburg 3 100 1 950 35-45
Busan Kotka Finland 2 700 1 600 35-40
Montreal  St-Petersburg 3 703 2 743 25-35

*Indicative average prices having been valid for the previous 3 months

SOVTRANSAVTO scope of multimodal logistics

  • Choice of  delivery method and route planning to achieve  the optimal balance of delivery terms and  cost for the client, determination and approval of the transshipment and handling procedures at rail freight depots and sea ports
  • Shipping documents issue and examination subject to designated delivery term after INCOTERMS 2010, terms and conditions of sales contract and letters of credit
  • Real time container monitoring and tracking with the control over scheduled arrivals at the railway stations and sea ports
  • Containers release and port handling services,  payment settlements for the shipping lines and stevedoring  charges and fees
  • Customs clearance for containers at the sea port or railway terminal, arrangements for the customs transit from the first port of entry to the inland customs depot
  • Sea containers on-carriage from the port of arrival to the consignee’s warehouse and empty container relocation, door-to-door delivery of rail containers
  • Optimal terms and conditions for cargo insurance, guaranteed and swift reimbursement of losses with a minimal paperwork

Developed distribution network for the multimodal and containerized cargo 


 Middle East   


  • India       

  • Egypt
  • Brazil   
  • China

  • Israel
  • Canada
  • Korea

  • USA

SOVTANSAVTO advantages

  •  Many years of successful cooperation with the leading shipping lines, feeders and stevedoring companies
  •  Network of SOVTRANSAVTO brand affiliated companies and subsidiaries operating at the sea ports of Russia and Europe incl. St-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Rotterdam, Kiel and others
  •  Membership in FIATA and extensive experience in application of FIATA documents (FBL, FCR etc) for multimodal transportation
  •  Road pre- and on-carriage for sea and rail containers between  railway stations, sea ports and consignees’ facilities
  •  Customs clearance of the containerized cargo, SOVTRANSAVTO broker services at the sea and railway customs depots, arrangements for the inland customs transit
  •  Domestic and international airfreight forwarding, on-line tracking and tracing, scheduled performance control during all the process of the transportation
  •  Container warehousing, handling and cross-docking services at SOVTRANSAVTO freight depots and terminals


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