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Groupage Transportation

For 20 years, Sovtransavto has been successfully implementing a unique scheme for consolidated freight traffic between Russia and Europe via  own network of terminals and consolidation points.

We organize dispatch of groupage from the European countries to the Russian Federation and Customs Union as well as deliveries of exports from Moscow and regions. A vast array of consignments is consolidated for transportation incl. various tools and equipment, spare parts and commodity samples, personal belongings and private purchasing etc.

SOVTRANSAVTO set of groupage services

  • Scheduled transportation of LTL from any point in Europe.  LCL service from China, South-East Asia and USA and vice versa through the European logistic infrastructure
  • Pre-shipping handling and consolidation of the shipments (additional packing, picking, labeling and  palletizing)
  • Complete customs clearance service for commercial and private groupage shipments in Europe and Russia provided by licensed customs brokers from SOVTRANSAVTO or designated partners
  • Cargo insurance upon request for the discount corporate rates with minimal paperwork and fast reimbursement guarantee
  • Full set of transport and commercial documents is issued and verified by us incl. Carnet TIR, CMR waybill, exports declaration EX-1, transit declaration T-1 etc.
  • Scheduled deliveries by regular routes with high frequency and strict commitment to the timelines and the time of arrival at destination
  • Warehousing services and added value operations at SOVTRANSAVTO depots, distribution and door delivery to final consignees

Rates for international groupage transportation

We apply the most flexible and reliable schemes for delivery of groupage by optimal routes.

SOVTRANSAVTO offers probably the best value for money solutions for groupage to/from Russia you can get in the marketplace. 


Euro per shpt. DAT MOSCOW Euro per shpt. FCA Moscow

(max 500kg)

(max 1500kg)

(max 500kg)

(max 1500kg)

Berlin 350 650 430 610
Warszawa 330 480
Milano 490 810 590 850
Paris 440 680

Our main destinations for international groupage

  • Central Europe: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, The Netherlands
  • Eastern Europe and Baltic: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia
  • Southern Europe: Italy, Spain
  • Northern Europe: Finland, Denmark, Sweden
  • Great Britain

Along with the distribution across Europe we provide multimodal groupage service all over the world via consolidation depots in sea- and airports.


  • Regular scheduled groupage distribution from Europe and Russia with strict control of the lead time and affordable freight rates
  • Customs clearance services for groupage and assistance in formalities for transit between customs offices if necessary
  • Advanced transport monitoring systems (Track & Trace) based on GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation with a remote on-line access for the customers
  • Accessible team and personal management in SOVTRANSAVTO offices in Europe and Russia addressing any concerns and providing quotes quickly and accurately
  • Extended services through warehousing and packaging at our depots in Europe and Moscow with the distribution and delivery to final destination

For any inquiries about delivery arrangements, actual rates and tariffs you may address our experts and get exhaustive answers. Please call or e-mail us for free consulting.


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