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Float Glass Transportation

SOVTRANSAVTO has established and successfully develops the best practice for transporting float glass across Russia and for exportation to Europe and CIS countries. We effectively use our standard and special equipment to carry out the orders from all major glass manufacturers in Russia.

Float glass logistic features

Float glass is a sheet of glass produced by annealing the molten glass and is clear and flat. Float glass provides the material for other forms of processed glass, such as tinted, laminated glass and tempered glass.

SOVTRANSATO transports float glass as the packs of glass panels of 2 sizes defined by the specific European standard: 

  • DLF (dimension largeur de fabrication)  - split size sheet glass 2600 x 3210mm. DLF glass is transported in regular tilt trailers where it is secured on A-stands. We assemble different types of  A-stands adapted for the Russian roads conditions in accordance with the customers design at our facilities. The stands may be densely stacked and it becomes possible to combine the glass and general cargo in one roundtrip
  • PLF (plateau largeur de fabrication) – jumbo size sheet glass 6000 x 3210mm. PLF glass is transported inside special trailers – inloaders, equipped with the hydraulic load fixing system to firmly keep glass panels in place. The panels are rested on pyramids - exchangeable tare units for a seamless loading and unloading of the glass packs weighing up to 25 tons without any handling equipment. Inloaders are equipped with pneumatic independent suspension for the safe and careful long distance PLF glass haulage


  • 50 years of extensive experience in inland and international road carriage, constantly renewing fleet of own trucks and active cooperation with reliable tucking companies
  • Our fleet of specialized inloader trailers from recognized European manufacturers Faymonville and Langendorf – the equipment  for carriage of up to 21 tons dimensional glass on Russian roads 
  • Long-term contracts with all glass manufacturing leaders in Russia, efficient glass distribution schemes  connecting production sites in Russia result in costs reduction and competitive pricing
  • ISO quality standards supported by corporate regulations and internal KPI to ensure high service quality and cargo safety,  regular individual training courses for the drivers involved in float glass transportations
  • Advanced transport monitoring systems keeping 24 hours real time tracking and guarantees maximum en-route safety and  on time delivery for the  float glass shipments
  • SOVTRANSAVTO group liability is insured by TT-Club (www.ttclub.com) - the leading provider of insurance to the international transport and logistics industry -  with the coverage of up to USD 1,500,000 per an event

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