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Customs Clearance

SOVTRANSAVTO has been operating as the official customs broker (representative) for over 15 years. The first license for customs brokerage was registered on the 25.11.1999.

SOVTRANSAVTO provides customs clearance for exports and imports distributed by different modes of transport.

SOVTRANSAVTO comprehensive solution for your international trades:

  • 1Drafting and review the contracts of sale
  • 2Logistic planning and transportation
  • 3Customs clearance
  • 4Fulfillment and distribution to the consignee

SOVTRANSAVTO has an extensive knowledge of the procedures, legislation and customs tariffs. We have developed a great team of experienced specialists who are fully competent in all aspects of customs clearance, forwarding and logistic services.

Our Customs Clearance Services

  • Review and examination of the contract and commercial documentation followed by expert advice as to the contents and selection
  • The HS codes verification, consulting on the valid duties and taxes classifications, the eligibility for preferences or restrictions
  • Exact calculation and official approval of customs duties and fees, certification according to the national commercial or sanitary regulations
  • Selection of the port of entry given the commodities assortment, value and delivery conditions
  • Customs clearance subject to specified regime, payment of applicable duties and taxes in our name
  • Commitment - handling all issues of the necessary trade documentation, export and transit declarations, the administration required for the swift clearing Customs

SOVTRANSAVTO exercises individual approach to the customers with a peronal manager support. The customer gets the committed executive and proficient consultant for customs issues along with a guided access to the all team of our transport, warehousing and financial experts.


Customs Brokerage fees for customs clearance procedures start from 8.000 RUR per Import declaration

We offer support for the main customs regimes and procedures

  • import (release for domestic consumption)
  • export
  • re-export
  • re-impore
  • temporary imports
  • temporary entry
  • outward processing
  • inward processing
  • customs transit

SOVTRANSAVTO provides highly efficient and customized services to clients from all industries. We ensure a fast and efficient customs clearance at the following:

  • medical appliances and supplies
  • comsumer goods and foodstuffs
  • products subject to veterinary and phytosanitary inspection
  • excise goods
  • industrial machinery
  • spare parts and accessories
  • building materials and supplies
  • chemical products for industry and households
  • express shipments

SOVTRANSAVTO specializes in the customs clearance of imported or exported personal goods and effects for the individuals in Russia. Our service is available for Russian citizens all over the country irrespective of the domicile and often without customer's personal attendance.

We in fact offer a complete customs clearance with a up to door delivery for the following:

  • personal private purchases made abroad and internet orders
  • personal effects incl. household appliances and furniture for the cross border removal
  • arts and crafts, paintings and books from private collections incl. those requiring official export permits.


We are getting advantages by operating and managing with the company’s own recourses, facilities and capacities

  •  Complete set of services provided by the company gives the customers an access to all solutions: cross border transportation, customs clearance, storage and added value operations, distribution across Russia
  •  Optimized rates due to contracting a first-hand provider and cost saving packages of complex services
  •  Customs clearance and warehousing at SOVTRANSAVTO depot for the commercial and individual goods delivered by our trucks
  •  Perfect compliance with the customs requirements for approval of a lower tariff or commercial value of the goods, the administration required for the documentation processing
  •  Support and facilitation for the trade contract execution from our experts incl. outsource and Importer of records services
  •  Legal assistance in disputes with customs incl. those arising about the taxable value of the imported goods, legal representation in court proceedings and litigations

Any encounter with the customs issues should better begin with a professional consultancy. Please call or e-mail us for free consulting.


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