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The first reference to the now recognized brand SOVTRANSAVTO appeared in 1968. The Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers dated 01 June 1968 establishes SOVTRANSAVTO as the International road transport department in the Transport Ministry of Russian Federation.

General mission of SOVTRANSAVTO was a creation of the integrated state transport and logistics infrastructure for the international road carriage.

In the early 70-s of the previous century basic SOVTRANSAVTO truck fleet of 300 units was composed.

In 1973 first motor vehicles and equipment of foreign brands was acquired: 100 VOLVO trucks and TRAILOR semi-trailers.

In 1975 SOVTRANSAVTO ordered 100 MERCEDES-BENZ trucks from Germany and since then DAIMLER group had got a priority in trucks supplies. In 1998 SOVTRANSAVTO and DAIMLER enjoyed a remarkable celebration dedicated to 2 000-th MB truck allocation. SOVTRANSAVTO fleet was also expanding in cooperation with other famous truck manufacturers - VOLVO, IVECO and subsequently MAN.

The consolidated equipment orders sometimes were exceeding 800 units per annum. By the end of 70-s SOVTRANSAVTO already operated 2 000 trucks fleet.

Cross-border transportations started initially with the bilateral deliveries between Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Finland. The sustainably growing demand for international haulage had lead to further development of SOVTRANSAVTO structure.

SOVTRANSAVTO was incorporating incumbent carriers into a wide network on the territory of Russian Federation and other Soviet republics: Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Azerbaijan.

The apogee of SOVTRANSAVTO system fell upon mid 80-s with 3 500 trucks and 15 000 employees.  Regular carriage was provided to more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia incl. Mongolia, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan. Frontier areas goods transporting with China was opened in 1983.   

SOVTRANSAVTO as a department in Transport Ministry of Russian Federation seized to exist in 1998. For 20 years SOVTRANSAVTO had exercised a monopoly for all international commercial road carriage in the Soviet Union along with the benefits of exclusive state contracts service provider. 

Just before the Perestroyka was launched SOVTRANSAVTO had reached the maximum of it’s economic strength and got on top of the world biggest road carriers list.

Today SOVTRANSAVTO brand integrates tucking companies with the aggregate fleet of more than 600 vehicles, logistic providers in Russia and Europe and warehouse operators with the owned facilities exceeding 30 000 sq.m. of covered space.  SOVTRANSAVTO group is represented by 15 subsidiaries and affiliated companies located in Russia and abroad.

Along with traditional adherence to the road carriage SOVTRANSAVTO modern strategy is aiming at sustained development of diversified and advanced logistics:  3PL services, customs brokerage, engineering, supplies and transport management, consulting and insurance.


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