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SOVTRANSVTO group is involved in logistics for nearly half a century, since 1968, and contributed a lot to the building of unified road transport network in the European part of the continent. Generating effective solutions for the transportation, customs and warehousing logistics  we always intend to create a reliable support to our customers’ business and exercise an approach of partnership and close cooperation.

Now the activity and interests of SOVTRANSAVTO reach much far beyond Europe which SOVTRANSAVTO branded trucks have been running all over for decades. Our regular haulage for general and groupage cargo from Germany, Italy, France, Turkey and other countries is challenging today by growing multimodal traffic directed by SOVTRANSAVTO from South Asia, Middle East and America via sea ports in the West and Far East of Russia, Finland and Baltic. Our company provides customs clearance and domestic distribution services all over the territory of Russian Federation.

SOVTRANSAVTO principal services

  • International Road Carriage
  • Groupage Transportation/LTL from Europe and vice versa
  • Oversized&Heavy and Project Cargo
  • Multimodal Freight Services
  • Railway Freight Transport
  • Airfreight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Outsourcing For Imports and 3PL Services

Our service by default is inclusive of all preliminary and preparatory procedures: expert advice, coordination with foreign suppliers, drafting of transport documentation, précising clearance issues with customs officials. Upon request we can offer full outsourcing for import transactions incl. international contract of sale, negotiations with the foreign suppliers, legal support and assistance in trade and insurance transactions.

SOVTRANSAVTO inland logistics portfolio

  • Road haulage in Moscow and across Russia
  • Rail transportation
  • Airfreight
  • Bulk and heavy goods. Project freights
  • Warehousing
  • 3PL Solutions For Retail
  • Float Glass Transportation

SOVTRANSAVTO have substantial assets and resources and generally enters the contracts on its own behalf as the owner of transport equipment and storage facilities, licensed customs broker and customs carrier. Our clients receive logistic solutions with a first-hand transparent pricing and costs structure adjustable to their priorities. Should a case in the first place is to be solved urgently or at low cost or with special attention to security - we will find the right answer.

The recognized brand is backed up by great experience in market targeting, development of new logistic technologies and best practices, dedication to the permanent improvement of service quality and professional skills. For yet many years these principles support the impeccable reputation of SOVTRANSAVTO and sustainable respect from the customers, colleagues and partners.

Prior to calling our manager you may get familiar with the services you are interested on our website and address your questions to an expert online. You will receive actual quotation, expert advice and optimization guidance. Additionally you will get costs breakdown and reduction options, assessment of unforeseen expenses risks.



05 may 2017
Спотовые ставки резко выросли на всех ключевых направлениях контейнерных перевозок

Спотовые ставки на ключевых маршрутах в порты Европы, Северной Америки и Персидского залива резко выросли на прошедшей неделе, согласно фрахтовому

05 may 2017
Таможня хочет стать более престижной

Федеральная таможенная служба (ФТС) в апреле внедрила риск-ориентированный подход в таможенном контроле и расширяет взаимодействие с бизнесом, расс

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