Sborny import

Briefly about the case


The film is purchased in Holland, in small batches, the client works without drains of products in Moscow, therefore, the main requirements for delivery are deadlines and clarity of operations. At the same time, it is inconvenient for the client to control the process from the moment of payment of the batch, he wants to transfer this to the provider, who, as an agent, must coordinate all issues with the sender. The cargo must be delivered to the customer 12 days after receiving confirmation of the readiness of the cargo from him.


Sovtransavto operates a regular line for the delivery of bulk cargoes. Due to the proven technology and our own resources, we manage to maintain the minimum time — on Friday the cargo leaves our consolidation warehouse in Europe — on Tuesday-Wednesday it is delivered to the warehouse or to the customer's production.
Sovtransavto picks up the shipment at the specified point of the EU based on its delivery to the consolidation warehouse before the departure of the nearest car to Moscow
After checking all documents, clarifying details with the shipper and our client, checking documents and export clearance, the Sovtransavto car is sent from the warehouse
On Monday, the cargo arrives in Moscow at the customs post. By this time, the declarants of Sovtransavto are preparing a set of documents (including certificates and declaration of conformity) for filing the declaration.
Release of cargo by the customs representative of Sovtransavto within 3 hours, on the same day the cargo from the customs post is sent to the buyer's warehouse

Important points

  • The practice of direct contact between the agent and the shipper is very convenient — it saves time and avoids mistakes.
  • Грузы, доставленные в рамках сборной линии, обслуживаются на терминале Совтрансавто в ускоренном порядке
  • Own transport allows you to eliminate minor time losses due to late cars
  • At all stages of delivery, our system allows you to monitor compliance with deadlines.
  • Собственный транспорт обеспечивает 24/7 контроль за транспортом и грузом

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